Database Development

Still managing your business contacts on rolodex cards, in wordprocessor documents or on Excel spreadsheets? Have you tried Microsoft Access, but feel you aren't using it effectively? A PBDBC database may make life easier for you. PBDBC specializes in creating user-friendly contact management systems for nonprofits.

Here are a few examples of databases made by PBDBC:
  • A fundraising system for tracking donors & donations.
  • A case management database.
  • A patient registry that stores detailed medical info.
  • A contact management database that works whether the contacts are people or organizations, and allows each contact to have several addresses.
  • A seminar registration system that makes it easy to print sign-in sheets.

PBDBC database systems include an assortment of powerful, user-friendly tools. Need to send out newsletters, annual solitications, or event invitations? No problem! A PBDBC database will help you prepare formletters, labels, or envelopes for your mass mailings, so all that's left for you to do is stuff the envelopes. Want to save paper? A PBDBC database will allow you to send emails to individuals or to groups of contacts.

Each new PBDBC database starts with a proprietary template called "People and Places", which contains the basic features that most organizations need (especially nonprofit organizations). This cuts down on development time, cuts down on costs, and makes for better end products. The template is modular. This means that it's easy to expand the system at any time. For example, you can start with a plain contact database, and later decide to add the fundraising module, which lets you begin entering donations for any of your existing contacts.

But each new PBDBC database is also customized for the client's specific needs. With PBDBC you get the best of both worlds: a customized solution tailored to your organization, with the fast development time and low cost normally associated only with pre-packaged products.

Computer Training

PBDBC also offers training in the following subjects:

  • Windows
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Publisher
  • Using the Internet
  • and other topics too!

Whether you want individual lessons or training for a large group, PBDBC can provide excellent computer taining at a reasonable price.

Other Stuff

PBDBC also offers a wide range of other computer consulting services, including document formatting, hardware & software installation, website development & promotion, and more.